“We are here to celebrate love because, above all, love wins and will continue to win as long as the will of the people exists, there is still a long way to go,” he says. Miguel Bosé in one of the last scenes of “La Casa de Las Flores” where he participated as a special guest.

The singer is recognized for being an icon of the LGBT community and to consolidate this position he decided to be part of the third season of the Manolo Caro series, which emphasized the issue of acceptance.

“We will have to remember why we are attached to our partner and thus appreciate any representation of love because it is a gift of life where, there may be stumbles and tears, it is hard … In the end, love is long enough to keep us alive , to constantly beat and find what we long for, what we have called happiness, “Bosé says in his speech.

The interpreter of “Amante bandido” officiates at the religious ceremony to unite Paulina de la Mora, played by Cecilia Suárez and María José, who is played by actor Paco de León and who is a transgender character.

In this regard, Bosé used his Instagram account to thank the creator and producer with an image in which both pose together.

“My dear Manolo … you have me stuck to the series … I love you and it was a gift to be part of this whole adventure. Kisses and hugs. Thank you!” He wrote.

In addition, today he also shared unpublished images of the chapter, titled “Laurel”; in one of them he appears with Suárez and León smiling and accompanied her with the phrase: “Beloved family”.