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Miguel Bosé has become a protagonist in recent days for his statements about the health crisis caused by Covid-19. After assuring that “the coronavirus is the great lie of the governments”.

Miguel Bosé has become a protagonist in recent days for his statements on the health crisis caused by Covid-19.

After assuring that “the coronavirus is the great lie of the governments”, the singer launched another conspiracy theory by affirming that vaccines against this disease are part of a master plan drawn up by Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, in alliance with Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish government to control the world.

Throughout history, conspiracy theories have continued to emerge. The arrival of the man on Luna, the Kennedy assassination, on September 11 to name just a few, feed the imagination and fantasy of millions. It is not surprising that the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has promoted more than one conspiracy theory about it and many more will surely come.

What has surprised in recent days is that an artist with the fame of Miguel Bosé has become one of his most assiduous preachers.

Last June 5, Miguel Bosé affirmed on his networks that COVID-19 is “the great lie of governments.”

As El Perió reports to support his claim in his publications, Bosé linked a video from a YouTube user that relates how in Geneva, Switzerland, WHO headquarters, the measures of social distancing or use of masks are hardly followed. recommended by the institution to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“Switzerland, as the Nordic countries of Europe know from the beginning of the great lie of the governments, that of Spain included,” writes on his wall the 64-year-old Spanish artist based in Mexico, along with a video in which people appear Supposedly in a moment of leisure in Geneva, which apparently are not respecting the distance and the security measures to avoid infections. According to the narration of the video, the images are from June 1.

As El Perió also reports, it is not the first time that Bosé reveals his skepticism about the coronavirus, since since April 29 he undertook through social networks the mission of informing his followers about alleged dangers of the 5G network. , ensuring that it is related to the covid-19 in addition to sharing videos and conferences on the subject.

This was also reported yesterday by the program “Drop the Soup” with this good summary of the controversy:

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Miguel Bosé’s statements

In his various statements about this conspiracy Bosé says:
“We are going to start putting the points on the I’s. I start with this. I would like to have your comments “, he wrote together with a video of a talk by Thomas Cowan, who assures that each pandemic occurred corresponds to a” quantum leap “in the” electrification of the Earth and that when a living being is exposed to a field electromagnetic. The content of this conference has been denied by multiple scientists and organizations.

Here are the controversial tweets of the artist posing his entire theory, which of course sparked great controversy on social media:

He posted this message on his Twitter account:

“I say NO to the vaccine” states in another publication:

And in this he criticizes the alliance of his government and Bill Gates. “I say NO to the Spain-Bill Gates alliance”:

Scientists respond to Miguel Bosé

These claims have been so controversial that a Valencian scientist has mocked Miguel Bosé for his conspiracy theories and asks him if he is not inventing all this for being on a “trip” with some hallucinogenic substance: “Pass me a puff,” José Miguel Mulet says as reported by the newspaper El Economista.

Here is the response on Twitter by the Valencian scientist and researcher José Miguel Mulet:

The same scientist already published a forceful message to the “anti-vaccines” a few weeks ago: “Dear anti-vaccines. Now you know what happens when a disease appears and we are not vaccinated, so you can stop bothering and go and crack it around there, ”he declared.

Regardless of his opinions on such a controversial issue, Miguel Bosé has always been characterized by his humanitarian side and his spirit of service in times of crisis. Recently, in the wake of the pandemic, the singer has participated in online events and concerts to raise funds to help counter the ravages of covid-19 and help affected people.

It should be remembered that in the month of March Miguel Bosé lost his mother the actress Lucía Bosé due to the Coronavirus as we reported in AhoraMismo.

We will continue reporting on the development of this topic.