Miguel Bosé: “My mother did not die of Covid-19. That has to stop now “

Miguel Bosé.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

Miguel Bosé assured that his mother, Lucia Bosé, did not die from the coronavirus, as he is heard saying in the advance of an interview he gave to Jordi Évole for a special on the Lo de Évole program.

In social networks, the teaser of the interview was released, which will reach Spanish television stations on April 11, in which Bosé also revealed that he lived a life full of excesses.

My mother did not die of Covid-19. That has to stop now“, The interpreter of“ Bambú ”is heard telling the presenter in the recording.

“I have lived wild years. Drugs, sex to the beast. And one fine day I woke up and said, ‘It’s over.’ I have left everything, everything, everything seven years ago. Only”.

According to the networks of the program, the interview with Bosé will last two episodes in which he will also talk about his problems with his voice, his past relationships and how he looks at his life after turning 65.

“Miguel & Bosé. In exclusive. Two chapters of Lo de Évole. The first, next Sunday. The most intimate Miguel.

“His addictions, his relationship with his father, Franco’s presence in his house, how he’s been turning 65. A unique interview,” the journalist said through his networks.

BY: Alejandro Vizzuett Díaz