Miguel Bosé defies the virus and goes out to the supermarket without a mask | Instagram

Undoubtedly these last few months have been very hard for Miguel Bosé.

After the departure of his mother, Lucia Bosé, by coronavirus, the past 23 of March, joins the endless judicial battle that he maintains with Nacho Palau for the filiation measures relating to his four children.

In addition, his controversial public statements about the pandemic Covid-19, you have been attracted by more than one enemy who accuses you of « conspiratorial » and « paranoid ».

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He singerDespite not being easy moments for him, he puts a good face on bad weather and continues with his day to day in the capital, where he is spending this summer with his kids.

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This time Miguel Bosé He took advantage of the day to make the purchase in one of the supermarkets near his home and, judging by the images, the artist is very comfortable doing some of the chores of the home and surprises us with a hitherto unknown facet in him.

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Back home, loaded with the shopping cart, Michael he wore a much more bulky figure than usual. However, it seems that these extra kilos, so commented on by the public, do not matter to him.

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Opting for a look ‘total black‘very comfortable with pants tracksuit and long-sleeved polo shirt, the singer was not seen with the regulation mask at any time.

In recent days, the singer has strongly starred in the controversy after family disputes with his nephew, Olfo, who prohibited from attending the funeral of his mother, allude to religious differences, since apparently the singer’s nephew does not profess the Catholic religion.

Lucía Bosé mother of the singer. Photo: AP

You can also read Miguel Bosé veto family members as a tribute to his mother

His sister’s son Lucia Dominguín, directly revealed that his own uncle asked him not to attend.

It’s been seven years since I made a mistake. It seems that I am a kind of Judas. I just wanted to say goodbye to my grandmother and all my family, but my uncle has not left me. « Olfo himself would tell.