Miguel Bosé becomes a trend due to comments against vaccine | Reform

Miguel Bosé once again placed himself in the center of politics and became a trend with his conceited position regarding a future vaccine, towards which he was apparently against.

A Twitter user shared a graph showing the relationship between flu vaccinated and people who have died from Covid-19, suggesting that mortality increases if the number of vaccinated increases.

« They love us m @ t @ r !!! », the Spanish interpreter wrote when sharing the tweet.

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Apparently the famous believes that there is something else behind the current pandemic and this is not the first time that the singer has spoken out against the prevention of the coronavirus.

I say no to the vaccine, no to 5G, no to the Spain-Bill Gates alliance, published on June 9, part of a Twitter thread in which @ l3rtaba against the global dominance promoted by the World Alliance for Immunization and Vaccination (GAVI).

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On that occasion, the famous crossed out the members of the movement as specialists in failed vaccines that so many victims have caused around the world.

On July 25 he returned to the charge by sharing a video of the businessman Bill gates in which he discussed the possible side effects of the vaccine.

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Listen and see this. Notice the body language and the lack of arguments. He intends humanity to be his personal laboratory. This man is bad, very bad, and you have to stop his feet. Wake up and spread the word, said the Spaniard.

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Miguel Bosé also showed his rejection after learning that the 2020 Princess of Asturias Award for Cooperation was awarded to the aforementioned GAVI.

Shame! Shame! Shame! Soros and Gates’ wimp government. Shame! He declared.