Miguel Bosé accuses censorship on Twitter | Reform

Spanish singer Miguel Bosé accused Twitter of censorship, for deleting one of his messages from an alleged conspiracy.

The artist explained on his Facebook page, where he has 2.5 million followers, that he supposedly blocked for congratulating Bolivia for using a certain product to combat Covid-19.

This censorship « , argues Bosé, » begins to give traced symptoms of a regime that I already lived in my adolescence. We are forbidden to defer, think otherwise, zero tolerance. We will keep in touch by other means until they are exhausted.

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Bosé refers in that message to a tweet that he posted a few days ago in which he congratulated the Andean country for using chlorine dioxide, that is, bleach, to treat the coronavirus.

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The tweet was deleted from the famous social network, as it became known, due to the serious damage that using it could bring to health.

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In reality, the Bolivian government prohibits bleach as a treatment against coronavirus, since not only is it not effective, but it can be tremendously risky to do so.

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For weeks, Miguel Bosé has doubted the existence of the virus, its treatments, has criticized governments and companies. Despite the millions of f @ ll3cids in the world, Bosé argues that everything is a lie.