Miguel Barbosa registers to receive vaccination

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Puebla / 02.17.2021 10:38:46

The governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa Huerta, revealed that he already registered on the federal government website to receive the anticovid vaccine and said « ready » to receive the inoculation, as he suffers from several comorbidities.

At a press conference, the 61-year-old president mentioned that he and his mom signed up last week on the platform of the federation, so he will be prudent and wait his turn like the rest of the population.

« Yes, I already registered in the first week and registered my mother, let’s see when they call us, I am ready to be vaccinated, I need to be vaccinated, I have various comorbidities and I have not stopped working one day […] If today they called me perfect, I’ll go, but no, it’s until they call me, when they call me and it’s the governor’s turn, I’ll go there. « 

Assured that respect the vaccination protocol nor will it promote privilege practices; In addition, he will not try to travel to the United States to receive immunization against covid-19 there.

« I am not thinking of sneaking off to the United States and getting vaccinated, I would never do that, I stay in my country to assume all the risks assumed by all people like me, ordinary flesh and blood people without any privilege. »

Barbosa commented that since the first case of contagion appeared in the country, he has been « in command of this matter in the state », since he maintains « a daily monitoring, hour by hour, making decisions in all senses » because that is his « obligation ».