Miguel Ángel “El Alacrán” Berchelt will defend his title by facing Óscar Valdez

The expectation of the fight between Miguel Ángel ‘Alacrán’ Berchelt, will expose for the seventh time his WBC Super Featherweight title with challenger Óscar Valdez is high and could be remembered for several generations.

This was announced by Tijuana promoter Zanfer, from businessman Fernando Beltrán Rendón, organizer of the event in conjunction with Top Rank, which will be broadcast nationwide next Saturday, February 20, by Azteca 7, the House of Boxing.

The fight will measure the current champion Miguel “Alacrán” Berchelt and Óscar Valdez, in what could “have enough elements not only to be epic, but to transcend generations”, declared the CEO of Zanfer.

Whoever leaves the ring with victory will not only do so with the WBC Super Featherweight world champion belt, but will do so with the recognition of the boxing world, solidly inscribed on the list of the best fighters pound for pound and as the next great figure of Mexican boxing, as the idol that paralyzes the country when he fights, ”he commented.

Berchelt is 29 years old, Valdez 30. Of Berchelt’s 38 victories, 34 have been by knockout, 89 percent, and of Valdez’s 28 victories, 22 by fast track, 78 percent. The 11 fights between the two records (39 for Berchelt against 28 for Valdez) are diluted in the experience of the rounds boxed in each one’s professional career, as Berchelt has 153 and Valdez 158.

The « Alacrán » has 7 victories in world championship fights, and 5 against fighters who have been world champions. Valdez has 6 victories in world title fights, two against opponents who were champions.

The only notable difference between the two is the scope. Berchelt, who measures 1.70 meters, has a range of 1.82 meters. Valdez, who is 1.66 meters tall, has a range of 1.68 meters. A difference of 14 centimeters, which means that the champion will seek to impose the fight at long distance, and the challenger will seek to press short.