According to the UN, 95 migrants fled Libya in search of a safe port in Europe

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Tunisia.- The International Organization for Migration (IOM), an agency dependent on the United Nations, today warned of the presence in the Mediterranean of a boat in poor condition that carries 95 people on board, all of them migrants who fled Libya in search of a safe harbor in Europe.

« About 95 migrants still floating in the Mediterranean Central at risk of drowning, after trying to flee Libya. We reiterate that States and captains have a moral and legal obligation to respond to cases of distress at sea, « the agency warned through its official account on social networks.

The alert coincides with another one launched two days ago by Italian activists who claimed that a boat with the same characteristics and a similar number of people, he had launched a distress call in the international rescue area of ​​the island of Malta.

At the moment, only a ship chartered by international organizations could carry out the rescue if authorized, since the rest are in port without permission to navigate.

NGOs have repeatedly warned that bailouts by Libyan patrol boats donated by the European Union and led by former human traffickers are not a solution as Libya is not « a safe harbor » and in most cases is They are held in detention centers where they are mistreated and from where they again try to flee to the sea.

Libya has been a failed state, a victim of chaos and civil war, since in 2011 NATO contributed to the victory of the different rebel groups that rose up against the tyranny of Muammar Gaddafi.

Currently, the subsequent fratricidal war has turned into an international armed confrontation, totally privatized, without armies, fought by local militias and foreign mercenaries, who support both the so-called Government of National Agreement held by the UN in Tripoli (GNA) and the Marshal Jalifa Hafter, tutor of the Executive not recognized in the east and strong man of the country.