Migrants abandon baby on Mexico road

The authorities are looking for the boy’s family, who is apparently Guatemalan.

Photo: National Migration Institute / .

Last Monday, June 28, elements of the National Institute of Migration (INM) in Veracruz, together with elements of the National Guard (GN), They helped 8 migrants, including a baby of only 2 years old, who were abandoned on a highway in this state of Mexico.

According to reports provided by the INM, about 100 migrants would have been traveling in a tractor-trailer with which they would apparently reach the border with the United States.

The abandoned people were found in the morning, alone and by their luck, on the Ocozocuautla-Las Choapas road section. All were of Central American origin and the vast majority had symptoms of dehydration and suffocation.

Unfortunately, near this group the lifeless body of a 25-year-old young man was found, who is also presumed to be one of the migrants who was traveling in said truck.

Those rescued indicated that hours before, several of the travelers began to faint due to lack of air and excess heat, which caused the others to start hitting the truck strongly in order to ask the driver to stop the march.

It took many minutes for one of the so-called “guides” to open one of the doors, and immediately several people jumped out of the vehicle to flee through the pavement and undergrowth. Some were left lying on the ground, completely suffocated, while others did not suffer the same fate and could not get off the bus.

It was then that they realized that on the side of the road there was a baby about 2 years old, with a completely naked torso, which was between the metal barrier, loose clothing, backpacks and spilled water. None of the adults claimed to be related to the child.

Immediately, the State Attorney for the Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents was notified, in order to assume their guardianship and care, who also made contact with the Guatemalan consulate when there were indications that the child could be of that nationality.

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