Midnight Sun will reveal what Edward Cullen did while Bella slept | .

The new book in the Twilight saga by writer Stephanie Meyer « Midnight Sun » or « Midnight Sun » in English it will also have a movie in which it is said that it will talk about what Edward was doing while Bella was sleeping.

It is said that it will be ready shortly, at least in Spain according to Sesacine It will be available from September 17.

On the other hand, since August 4, it is available in the United States, thanks to this, some details about the beginning of the love story between Cullen and Swan.

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After meeting Forks 15 years ago, the followers of Twilight will once again be transferred to the skin of Edward. At first, everything was told by Bella, but now we will know what goes through the mind of the famous vampire.

It was thanks to one of the users of Twitter who shared a post where he mentioned what Edward did while his beloved slept, as you will remember vampires did not sleep in the universe created by Meyer.

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As you will remember in the movies of Twilight There was a scene in which Bella saw Edward in her room, she was asleep and woke up when she saw him, she was scared, at first she thought it was a dream but then the vampire confirmed that he actually saw her sleep.

@galacticidiots is the one who shared the publication of a fragment of the book that said:

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« I reached for it with a finger and crushed it silently, » says Midnight Sun. The vampire acknowledges that he carried out this action because « the thought that anything could harm her was intolerable. »

Edward not only stares at his beloved throughout the night, but he also eliminated insects or anything that could hurt him, it seems somewhat twisted and romantic don’t you think.

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It seems to be quite an odyssey to be reading the book from Edward’s perspective, because not only did he eliminate the insects but he also had to carry oil to grease the mechanism of Bella’s window so that it would not make noise and to be able to enter without making noise.

Another detail they shared is that I heard her name the characters in the book she had read while dreaming.

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