Microtransaction limits in the new FIFA 21 update

One of the new features that the update of the popular soccer simulator will bring has to do with the way we spend money on it. We will find the possibility to configure Microtransaction limits in the new FIFA 21 update.

Now you can set limits on the amount of virtual currency that can be purchased. In the patch notes, we can find a function called Play time. According to EA, Playtime is a sum of tools that will allow the player to assume control and visibility over how they play.

From Eurogamer they comment that Playtime will allow players or their parents to control how many FIFA 21 games can be played, communication and virtual currency limits.

Can be use FIFA points for in-game transactions, these points cost real money. Therefore, this new feature will allow you to set certain limits on the amount of points that can be acquired.

In the business of microtransactions in video games

Although, most of the players who have been behind us for several years, we hate microtransactions within a paid game. The truth is that, for EA, these have been extremely lucrative. In fiscal year 2019, $ 1.3 million in net revenue was generated from Ultimate Team modes in games like FIFA, NHL, and Madden.

In FIFA 21 we find a kind of “Loot Boxes” which contain random players. Obviously this generated a lot of controversy, not only because it is very similar to a casino system. If not also because it is basically paying to win.

From EA they claim that their loot boxes do not impact the game and that they are not necessary to progress. However, to give a few examples.

From the Netherlands EA was fined 10 million euros precisely for the loot boxes. In Belgium, video game loot boxes have been banned since 2018 and yes, in this situation many of us would like it to be like that around the world.

Unfortunately, this practice in different games seems that it will continue to be quite common in the short and medium term. Hopefully, one day, a system can be found that is fair to both the company and all kinds of players. Meanwhile, at least the guardians of those minors who spend money on video games, will be able to maintain control thanks to these microtransaction limits in FIFA 21.

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