Microsoft: Xbox Series S doesn’t slow down the generation, it’s a breakthrough

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Although Xbox’s decision to offer a more austere and cheaper model of its new console, Xbox Series X, was considered a success, as the details and limitations were revealed, some doubts were raised about whether this meant a brake on the generation. . In that sense, the obligation not to make such a big difference between the graphical display of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S was thought to be more of a problem than an advantage, but one Xbox developer thinks it is a step forward.

During an interview with Digital Foundry (via Wccftech), Andrew Goossen, a developer linked to the creation of Xbox Series S, spoke about the doubts that have been formed around the console, especially if its existence limits the new generation. In that regard, Goossen explained the reason why they did not decide to continue with Xbox One X as the entry point: “I have read a lot of questions on the internet, like, why won’t Microsoft continue with Xbox One X as the low-end machine? Well one thing is that it would last a long time through the generation and we felt that the new generation is defined by things like Xbox Speed ​​Architecture and graphical features like variable speed shading, ray tracing, and increased performance. 4x throughput on the CPU. So we wanted to make sure there was an entry level at the right price so we could really move the build forward rather than stop it. “

That said, Goossen assured that the idea that the Xbox Series S is a brake on the development of a new generation is incorrect and even pointed out the irony that a product more advanced than Xbox One X is cheaper than that console: “I heard that Xbox Series S is going to hold back the new generation, but actually I see that Series S is a breakthrough because we will have more games developed with the new generation features. The other ironic thing is that we looked at Xbox One X and we couldn’t narrow it down to the point. price we wanted, so I look at Xbox Series S, it’s cheaper than Xbox One X, and it has all these next-gen features. “

Xbox Series S is now available and in this link you will find all the related information.

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