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It is no secret that the world of video game streaming is huge. So it was not surprising that Microsoft acquired a promising company in the field to try to compete against giants like Twitch and Facebook Gaming. Unfortunately, it seems that the bet did not pay off, maybe Microsoft announced the closure of Mixer, its streaming platform.

Through a statement, Microsoft announced that they will halt Mixer’s operational side and help their community move to a new platform. To achieve this they announced a partnership with Facebook that will allow the Mixer community and streamers to move to Facebook Gaming without much trouble.

“The success of our Mixer partners and streamers depends on our ability to grow the platform as quickly and comprehensively as we can. It became clear that the time it took to grow our community was beyond measure with the vision and experience that Microsoft and Xbox want to deliver to gamers (…) The Facebook Gaming team and creators will help expand the Mixer vision that has always been had around the community and build a platform that is inclusive and supported. ”

Microsoft noted that this move will allow Mixer’s streamers to reach an audience of more than 700 million monthly users. He also noted that it will allow the creators of Facebook Gaming to search for opportunities related to Xbox Game Pass, Project xCloud and other products of the Xbox ecosystem.

Mixer will continue to operate normally until July 22, 2020. After that date the site will disappear and its address will direct you to Facebook Gaming.

What will happen to the streamers associated with Mixer?

Now the big question is, what will happen to the Mixer streamers that are associated with the platform? According to Microsoft, Facebook Gaming will honor its agreements as soon as possible.

On the other hand, users who were part of Mixer’s monetization program will be eligible for Facebook Gaming’s Level Up program. So they can continue to earn money.

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It’s worth noting that Microsoft recommended Mixer users use all of their remaining Embers and Sparks to support their favorite streamers. In fact, those who are partners of the platform will receive double payment during the month of June. So it is a good opportunity to take advantage of the content they already have.

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