If for some strange reason you are still using Windows 10 1809That is, the version of the system that was released in October 2018, get ready to take the leap because your computer will be updated to the latest Windows 10 2004 and there is nothing you can do to avoid it … unless you disconnect from the Internet.

This has been announced by the company, as reported in Windows Latest, and the reason to force the update of Windows 10 1809 is none other than the end of its support. In fact, although Windows 10 2004 has not yet reached the bulk of Windows users, those who continue to use Windows 10 1809 are already starting to receive it.

Microsoft reports that to push Windows 10 1809 update is using machine learning and the Windows Update update algorithm, whatever this means, to force the version jump among laggard users. And the version chosen to replace it is the latest, Windows 10 2004.

However, there are exceptions and escape routes for those who stay on Windows 10 1809: for example, the update will not take place if some of the many problems that Windows 10 2004 is giving could affect the user, in which case it would freeze. until later (until the problems are solved, it is understood).

On the other hand, the only way to prevent Windows 10 1809 from updating to Windows 10 2004 if these problems do not occur, is the user to manually upgrade to the immediately later versions of the system, Windows 10 1903 and Windows 10 1909, the April and October 2019 versions respectively.

This move is not new, in any case: Microsoft did the same last year, forcing the Windows 10 1803 update for the same reason: the end of support for that version, corresponding to April 2018. Although Windows 10 works almost in the practice as a continuous update system, it is still necessary to install the ‘service packs’ that are being released.