One of the problems with Windows 10 updates is that for many users nothing changes. And while the simple fact that nothing changes may be good news, it is bad for Microsoft’s interests. Users get revamped features like emoji keyboard, clipboard history, Photos video editor, or screenshots and don’t know it.

In this sense, the company wants to make discovering new features a little more obvious than it is currently. Right now, if a user wants to find out what’s new, they can go to websites such as Genbeta, Microsoft’s official websites or use the ‘Recommendations’ application, or ‘Tips’ in English. It is the role of this app that is going to change.

Recommendations will open after the computer is updated to a new version

Windows Video Editor

Features like the Windows 10 video editor are completely unknown

According to Softpedia News, Microsoft has announced that, in the future, those people who install a new feature update, that is, one big update of the two that there is a year, will receive a ‘tour’ of the new features that Windows 10 has received when it has finished updating.

Compared to the current model, in which it seems that the user has to know what is launched, The Recommendations application will open and display the news so that any user can understand them. To this day, Recommendations is as buried in the system as new features, and learning of their existence is rare.

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The novelty after updating has already been integrated in Windows 10 build 20190, but Microsoft has yet to announce which big update it will debut in. It is likely to occur in the fall update, set for October or November 2020, if COVID-19 does not play a role.

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