Microsoft will continue to release Bethesda games on PlayStation, but …

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 11/16/2020 6:55 pm

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The future about games Bethesda on PlayStation, or any other platform that is not Xbox, remains an uncertainty. Microsoft is being very careful with his words, and everything seems to indicate that we will continue to see Fallout and The Elder Scrolls as multiplatform franchises, although obviously there will be certain disadvantages for those who do not play in Xbox.

Tim stuart, CFO at Microsoft, recently participated during the conference of Jefferies Interactive Entertainment, revealing that the company wants Xbox be the best place to enjoy games of Bethesda:

“Long-term speaking, we have no intention of simply removing all Bethesda content from PlayStation or Nintendo. But what we do want to do with that content, again, in the long run, is make the experience much better on our platforms. We want Bethesda content to be the best it can be on our platforms. “

What exactly do you mean by this? Well, no one knows for now, but it’s easy to assume that maybe it’s better resolution, exclusive content, or even a better frame-per-second rate on platforms. Xbox. Only time will tell.


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