Microsoft will charge a commission to games that are sold in the Windows 11 store

Microsoft announced during the Windows 11 presentation that developers will be able to publish applications in their store and avoid cutting profits if they use their own payment gateways. That is, receive 100% of the income. However, this change is not as many expected: the games will pay commission, although this will be reduced.

According to The Verge, the new policies of the Windows 11 application store will be implemented gradually. As of July 28, all developers using your own payment gateways They will be exempt from paying commissions. Of course, if they decide to use the Microsoft platform they must leave 12% for each of the sales.

The landscape changes when it comes to games. Developers will have to leave part of their profits and will not have the possibility to keep 100% of the income. Regardless of whether it is the Windows 11 or Windows 10 store, as of August 1, Microsoft, yes, rreduce game sales commissions from 30 to 12 percent, leaving the percentage in the same line as the Epic Games store.

In Windows 11 developers will also pay commissions for game sales

Windows 11 Store

With this move, Microsoft makes it clear that games are in a different category than applications, including Windows 11. The company’s argument for cutting developers’ profits has been that the sale of Xbox consoles is at a loss and that profits they come from commissions and their Xbox Game Pass game subscription systems.

This identical model is not applicable to Windows 11, since Microsoft receives a significant part of its profits from its operating systems. Either way, although in some cases developers still have to pay commissions, the company seems determined to want to increase the number of applications and games in its ecosystem.

The new Windows 11 store will allow developers to publish applications in a wide variety of formats. These include non-packaged Win32 applications, both in .exe and .MSI formats. In addition to Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Universal Applications (UPW) and android apps (via the Amazon store).

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