It tends to happen with the big technology companies that, many times, the amount of products and services they offer is such that some of them go unnoticed. In the case of Microsoftwe have a good example of this with Whiteboard. We are talking about an online whiteboard application that will allow us to carry out works and even share them, and which is oriented above all to educational environments.

The idea of ​​the people of Redmond with this platform is that teachers and students can work and interact in real time. And, although it was launched a couple of years ago when online education was starting to gain integers, it has grown in the consideration of users due to the coronavirus pandemic. In any case, there are still many people who do not know it in detail. Precisely for them we want to make an article in which we discuss its most important characteristics.

Before continuing, and discovering its best uses, we have to say that this online whiteboard is available for both Windows computers and devices with Apple’s iOS operating system. On their website you will find the download links for any of them.

Microsoft Whiteboard 1.5

A new way to learn

First of all, Microsoft Whiteboard represents a new way of learning. Cooperative work between students has never been so easy. Also, since practically everyone has access to a Windows computer, no one is left out of this method. Each teacher can distribute a blackboard per student or per group of students, if their collaboration capacity is to be promoted.

Thus, those involved in each project have the possibility to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to assign specific tasks. Specific tasks that are then well marked who has performed them. In other words, individual merits are not nullified even when collective work is encouraged.

On the other hand, there are many educators who use this technique also to encourage their students from the competitive point of view. Thanks to platforms like this it is much easier to be aware of how far a student or group of students has advanced. From the activities given, scores can be provided that, at the end of the year, make a team a winner. In the best Harry Potter style, yes.

And, if that were not enough, the teacher can make explanations while the students see them on their own blackboards. This way you don’t need a projector or big rooms or anything like that.

Microsoft Whiteboard 2Microsoft Whiteboard 2

Whiteboard main functions

And what can we do with Whiteboard? Let’s analyze some of the options that spring up before us thanks to this Microsoft service. First, obviously, you will be able to work on your computer drawing or graphing what you want, as if you had a white canvas at hand. Then, one of its indisputable advantages is being able to store all the changes directly in the cloud.

In turn, on the original designs you can add elements or delete them as you wish, thanks to specific tools. Among them are the ruler, the string, the text, the notes, the automatic forms, and many more. If you want, you can change the background of the canvas, or scroll the screen to the point where you want to express yourself. It is also possible to zoom the screen.

You have the chance to share your access with any other person you want, or disable the link when you end a meeting. That is, there is nothing missing that one would expect to find. Whiteboard is positioned as a really interesting service for the classroom on confined days.

Now that you know all the basics about Microsoft’s online whiteboard app, we encourage you to take a look at this comprehensive guide with tips to get you started using one of the Redmond boys’ most underrated services. You will not regret!

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