Microsoft warns Xbox Series X shortage is far from over

Getting a next-gen console is a daunting task. Different factors have come together so that manufacturers cannot keep up with demand. Both the Xbox Series X / S and the PlayStation 5 have been affected by this dark panorama. In the case of Microsoft’s console, the company expected deliveries to accelerate in June, but this has not happened.

In an interview with the IGN podcast, Xbox Director Phil Spencer announced that it will not be easy to get an Xbox console any time soon. The existing chip shortage has now been joined by the lack of other components like Ethernet ports, which further complicate the situation.

Despite the supply problems, every so often some stores show Xbox Series X / S stock, but it sells out as quickly as advertised. In that sense, Spencer says demand is being experienced “like never before.” This consequently further increases the pressure on the company.

Xbox Series X shortage has no end date, for now

Spencer also notes that there is a long waiting period between Xbox Series X / S orders placed and console delivery. The console shortage “will accompany us for a while“, says the Microsoft executive.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Thurrott that they are working “as quickly as possible” with their manufacturing partners to speed up production. They are doing the same with retailers to increase the pace of shipments to keep up with “unprecedented demand” for their consoles.

Microsoft had predicted earlier in the year that Xbox Series X / S supply problems could be alleviated by June, but that did not happen. Now, on the contrary, they have decided not to give approximate dates.

The truth is that the world of gaming is experiencing a very special moment. Interest in consoles multiplies as streaming video game services such as Xbox Game Pass in the cloud, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna gain more and more followers. Of course, the latter are just taking their first steps.

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