Microsoft Teams has been one of the big software “winners” of quarantine for the role it is playing in connecting millions of people during this growth stage of teleworking. In this sense, Microsoft affirms that more than 44 million people already use the platform.

However, Microsoft wants it to be much more than an app for talking to coworkers, and that transcends the scope of friends and family. The announcement has been made around Office 365, which will become Microsoft 365 from April 21.

With this name change come two new subscriptions: Microsoft 365 Personal, and Microsoft 365 Family. The first will cost 7 euros a month, and the second 10 euros a month, although you can get a discount by paying annually.

Microsoft Teams, from business to home

The Redmond company has announced that at the end of the year the corporate messaging platform you will receive functions that will allow you to connect and organize our digital life with family and friends. For example, through Teams we can organize a trip, with group chat and group video calls, shared task lists, etc. The new features will arrive first in the mobile version of Teams.

At the family level, We can set calendars, store secure information like Wi-Fi passwords, and of course, send photos and videos. As for location, we can see updates from our contacts, as we have been seeing for years in other applications.

More than a new instant messaging application, the new Teams can be used to integrate attachments, travel conversations, family events, etc. on the same platform (instead of using Trello + WhatsApp)

These changes may concern people who have previously used Microsoft Teams, but the reality is that the tool will remain the same for companies that already use it in the workplace. What Microsoft is doing is simply opening the door for its application ecosystem to leave offices and allow us to organize more areas of our lives.

The truth is that when organizing many of the events that Microsoft presumes we will be able to with Teams at the end of the year, it’s never too comfortable doing it with today’s tools. Although it can be done in WhatsApp or Telegram groups, in the end you always have to go to other platforms such as Trello to do well in terms of organizing reservations, attachments. In that sense, all this from Microsoft Teams can be very good.

Microsoft Family Safety, a parental control app for iOS and Android

In addition to the aforementioned news from Microsoft Teams, it has been presented Microsoft Family Safety, a mobile application for iOS and Android in which subscribers of the new Microsoft 365 can protect the family physically and connected.

With it, parents can eset usage times on Windows, Android and Xbox, in addition to locating other family members via GPS. It does not provide anything that large operating systems do not have today, either integrated or with third-party applications, but it does centralize everything in one place. It will arrive in the coming months as a preview, as the new Teams.

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