Microsoft teams up with Tencent developer Timi

Microsoft just announced the new collaboration between Xbox Game Studios and TiMi, the Tencent subsidiary that currently holds the world’s largest developer title, with a “strategic partnership” that will allow them to create new games together. Unfortunately, the information shared by both companies hardly goes beyond the agreement itself, although it would not be surprising if Microsoft is looking expand its ecosystem with a greater presence in the mobile sector.

And it is that TiMi is highly recognized for its work in the field of mobile games, with great successes such as Honor Of Kings, Arena Of Valor or Call of Duty: Mobile, as well as future projects already underway such as the next Pokemon Unite (also expected for Nintendo Switch) and a triple A shooter that will use Unreal Engine 5 on different platforms (about which we do not know details either).

So when we stop to think about the sheer number of games and franchises at Xbox Game Studios, in addition to their recent acquisition of ZeniMax, with the “partial exclusivity” of some of the Bethesda titles, names like Halo quickly emerge. , Minecraft, Fallout, Forza, Wolfenstein or DOOM. And it is that without a doubt any of these titles could be widely benefited from an association and combination of the development methods of the East and the West, raising a really interesting perspective for players around the world.

Although it seems more likely that this association focuses on Microsoft’s entry into the hermetic Chinese market. And it is that Tencent has previously been open to act as an intermediary for the entry of other foreign companies, as we saw with its personalized version of Steam or its Nintendo Switch distribution agreement, currently selling the portable console above that the PS4 and the Xbox One. A success that Microsoft may now want to replicate with the Xbox Series X, especially after the recent arrival of the PS5 in this market.

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