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inXile Entertainment is recognized in the industry for its RPG series like Wasteland and The Bard’s Tale. The studio was acquired by Microsoft in November 2018, so it already works on several projects.

The developer revealed the first details of her next big game today. This is Frostpoint, an AAA shooter for PC. inXile Entertainment decided to try their luck with another genre and will do it in a big way.

This since it will not only be a high-reach production, as the studio will use virtual reality to take the genre to a new level. Brian Fargo, head of the studio, and Pete Mayberry, lead designer of the new project, discussed their goals with Frostpoint.

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Frostpoint will bet on AAA production and virtual reality

According to the details, Frostpoint will be a shooter that will mix PvP and PvE experiences. Thus, players will have to face each other while taking care of the backs of threats controlled by artificial intelligence.

The title will focus on team matches on maps with a post-apocalyptic setting and touches of science fiction. In Frostpoint there will be no character classes as such, as your role in the game will be decided according to the equipment you get on the maps.

« It is a free-form class system. As a player, your class is based on the tools you collect, you pay the in-game currency to upgrade them, and the suits add a certain level of class characteristics, » Mayberry said.

The development team prepares at least 2 game modes for the debut of Frostpoint: Deathmatch and Domination, with clashes between teams of up to 10 players in both cases. In each game there will be biomechanical creatures that will attack each player without distinction, which will make the experience more interesting and exciting.

The title will not have a campaign with history. This project will be the last title the studio does in collaboration with a distributor other than Microsoft. Below is the first trailer for Frostpoint.

Frostpoint Launch and Open Beta

InXile Entertainment’s plans are to do an Open Beta sometime in September. Players will have the opportunity to see the mechanics first hand. In addition, 10,000 players entering the Beta can win a free copy of the title.

« We will do the Beta with the first 10,000 players more or less and as long as they meet a certain criteria, be it the number of hours or the number of games or whatever we decide, we will give them a copy of the game to recognize that they have put all their effort to help us make a better game, « said Fargo.

As for its official launch, we know it will hit PC this year. It will be compatible with VR devices such as Oculus Rift, Valve Index and HTC Vive. At this time there is no exact date nor have its system requirements been disclosed.

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Frostpoint will arrive this year to PC with support for virtual reality. In this link you will find all the news related to inXile Entertainment and its projects.