Microsoft shares a video with all the sounds of Windows … that lasts exactly 11 minutes | Technology

Microsoft raises expectations for the June 24 event with an 11-minute video sharing various startup sounds.

You sure know how to hum the sound that Windows makes when it starts up. That little musical break is an identifying part of the operating system, but will be updated with Windows 11 and from Microsoft they have decided to slightly troll the most curious with a video where perhaps several versions that are being handled are hidden.

On June 24 we will have many news with the new Microsoft event and in the last hours the news and rumors have begun, such as that Windows 11 could have a native emulator for Android applications or that two different versions of Windows will be presented. But the latest news has been this curious video.

During 11 minutes several versions of Windows startup sounds that have been slowed by 4,000%, as The Verge reports. Here you have it in case you want to entertain yourself for a while.

In case it wasn’t clear enough that Microsoft is kidding about music, just read the description of the video they posted: “Are you having trouble relaxing because you’re too excited about Microsoft’s June 24 event? Make a Slow travel down memory lane with Windows 95, XP, and 7 startup sounds slowed down to 4000% reduced speed. “

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We must clarify that we are calling Windows 11 to the new version of the operating system, but It is not yet possible to confirm if it will have this name or will have an alternative without numbering. At Microsoft they are being especially rigorous when it comes to controlling all the information about the project and at the moment little is known.

At least it can almost be confirmed that we will end the month knowing a new version of Windows in which it is assumed that there will be a revision at the design level to rejuvenate it. In short, the latest news we have about a possible Windows 11 is this video that we have shown you about just 11 minutes long, not a second more, not one less.

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