Microsoft sets date for Internet Explorer recall

Microsoft announced this Wednesday that it will withdraw its historic Internet Explorer (IE) browser from the market on June 15, 2022 and it will completely replace it with its new Edge version, after more than 25 years in which it has gone from being a ubiquitous tool to practically marginal.

The Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and will no longer receive technical support on June 15, 2022 for certain versions of Windows 10”The Redmond (Washington state, USA) company said in a corporate blog post.

The nuance of “certain versions” refers to the fact that there are some minority exceptions that may continue to operate as before: Windows 10 LTSC, Server Internet Explorer 11 and the MSHTML (Trident) engine.

For the vast majority of users, however, IE will become a thing of the past and those who continue to use the historic browser will have to switch to Google Chrome (the great dominator of the current market), Apple’s Safari, Firefox or, if they want to continue operating with Microsoft, Edge.

Microsoft Edge is faster, more secure, and offers a more modern browsing experience than IE. Plus, it fixes a key issue: compatibility with old websites and apps.”, Pointed from Microsoft.

Edge has an integrated IE mode that allows you to access Internet portals and Explorer-based applications as if you were using the old browser.

Before the deadline of June 15 of next year, August 17 of this 2021, applications and internet services of the company that Satya Nadella directs as Microsoft 365 will no longer be compatible with Internet Explorer.

Despite having a near-total dominance of the internet browser market in the early 2000s, Internet Explorer was losing share throughout those 10 years, first against the independent Firefox and later against Google’s Chrome, which experienced spectacular growth, surpassing IE as the most used browser in 2012.

Since then, IE lost users at a rapid rate until today, in which its market share, according to the specialized portal StatCounter, is less than 1%, and highly focused on desktop computers.

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