Microsoft reveals what its mysterious update 21H1 consists of

After a few hours of speculation Microsoft finally confirmed what will come in its 21H1 update for Windows 10. We don’t know what to think.

This matter of the two big updates that Microsoft is preparing for Windows 10 In this 2021 it has been between exciting, intriguing and strange.

By now a general consensus is that the package « Sun Valley » that would be released in a few months is the most interesting and complete.

But yesterday that the existence of a previous update was confirmed, under the code name of 21H1 Questions and speculation arose about what it could integrate beyond paving the way for the new features.

Today the mystery has been solved, but to be honest it won’t be that exciting for average users.

What’s new in 21H1

Through a post on his official blog, John Cable, Microsoft’s vice president in the program management division, revealed the content that will make up 21H1.

And it basically involves two elements. A feature for a very specific scenario and a reinforcement to your security platform:

Windows Hello multi-camera support: to allow users to choose an external camera priority when using high-end monitors with built-in cameras.

Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG): overall performance, resource consumption, and document opening times are improved.

The most practical scenario in which the first novelty could be useful would be, for example, when buying a more powerful webcam that connects to a laptop, which already has a lower quality camera in its resolution.

In that case the Windows Hello update will now have the ability to automatically choose the most robust webcam.

On the other hand, Windows Defender seems to respond more to that revelation that caused a stir a few days ago.

Since we discovered that there was a vulnerability that nobody patched for decades. More vouchers that Sun Valley does not disappoint us.