Example Surface Andromeda concept image (not related to patent)

A few days ago, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) approved a new patent to Microsoft for a folding device formed by two screens that could be joined or separated.

Microsoft was one of the drivers of convertible laptops with Surface Pro. In terms of folding devices, we know the Surface Duo and Surface Neo, devices that will arrive in 2020 and 2021 respectively and that have a double screen, but this is not a folding screen .

The patent sent on May 14, 2020 and approved in recent days, shows us a folding device that, Although it has two screens, it can act as one when they are joined.

Foldable device with two screens from Microsoft

Folding device patent with magnetic hinge

The patent shows us a device consisting of two screens joined by a magnetic hinge elongated. The hinge assembly is made up of two parts with magnets and would be used ferromagnetic material, like iron, so that magnets would be attracted.

In addition, as the hinge is the most sensitive point, the type of structure designed would prevent damage and the entry of dust or stones that could break the hinge between both screens. The hinge would also have a protective “wall” for the hinge to protect it even more.

This device would be highly modular, starting with the fact that it could be split in two. As Microsoft indicates in the patent, this device would allow separate both screens and continue to use them individually.

Folding device patent with magnetic hinge

So it would be a two-screen structure, but when these are linked they will be synchronized, whereas when they are separated, they will act independently of each other. Separating the screens is an option, but if we keep them together, we can from folding the device completely to opening it a maximum of 180 degrees.

As usual in these cases, we remind you that the fact that this patent has been approved does not mean that a real device with this mechanism will arrive soon.

If you want to see more details and images of the patent for this folding device with two screens from Microsoft, you can do it in the following document.