Microsoft Paint, about to hit the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Paint is one of the Windows applications decan. It is true that not with the same name, because in its beginnings it was called Paintbrush, but the simple and practical basic drawing application has accompanied the operating system since the times when it was a window manager, since debuted with Windows 1.0. Thus, Paint and Windows have been traveling companions from the first minute, and for the vast majority of users they form an indissoluble union.

Or so it seemed, since already in 2017 those of Redmond began to talk about the exit of Microsoft Paint from Windows. And it is that, until now, the program has always been included with the operating system, but Microsoft’s plans go through changing that, making the base installation not have Microsoft Paint, and that those users who wish to have the program can install it as an option, an option that materialized a little over a year ago.

Since then, Microsoft has kept us waiting, since Microsoft Paint could not be found in Microsoft Store, which should be the main repository for obtaining the software, and that also provides some important advantages to it, with respect to its inclusion in Windows installers and operating system updates. And it is that, for example, at the moment in which the program is in the Windows application store, the process of updating it will no longer depend on the system updates.

Now, Aggiornamente Lumia you first found Microsoft Paint on the web version of the Microsoft Store. At the moment, yes, it cannot be downloaded yet, but that it is visible is a sign that it should not be too long before its arrival in the Windows application store is consumed. At the moment Microsoft has not issued any communication in this regard, but now that this change has been made public, we can hope that they will not take too long, at least in anticipating their plans.

Thus, and speculating a bit, We can imagine that Microsoft Paint will begin to be available in the store coinciding with the arrival of Windows 10 21H1, which should not be delayed too long, given its advanced state of development and testing, and its low complexity (remember that it will repeat the Windows 10 20H2 Service Pack format). Good news, without a doubt, for all users who still find this endearing little Windows application useful, which we have seen so much evolve over the years. Now, if Microsoft Paint falls short, here are seven totally free alternatives.