Microsoft Outlook, the official extension for Edge …

If you are a user of Microsoft software in general and Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Edge In particular, you are interested in knowing the new extension that the company has just launched, because it combines everything in an agile sliding experience, and for the moment it is exclusive to the aforementioned combo.

Of course, an extension called Microsoft Outlook is clearly unique to the service it refers to. The use of the term exclusivity makes more sense to apply it to the Edge browser, since being based on Chromium it is to be expected that the extensions that are developed for it and that Microsoft collects in its own store, are equally compatible with the rest of the browser derivatives of Google.

Be that as it may, Microsoft Outlook just came out as a preview version and it is too early to predict whether it will go beyond Edge or, as with some of the extensions developed by Google for Chrome around its services, it will remain exclusively for the company’s browser. For what is not soon, it is to take a look, because even though it is not finished, it treasures a functionality that promises.

To all this and although surely you already know it, it should be noted for those who come across this new that this Microsoft Outlook extension for Microsoft Edge is not a mere add-on with which to manage mail, since Microsoft Outlook is not the same as Outlook. Thus, the Outlook e-mail service is part of Microsoft Outlook, which includes many other of the company’s productivity services.

Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft Edge, however, focuses on bringing the management of just some of Microsoft’s productivity services closer; of the most prominent, including email, contacts, calendar and tasks, all with the comfort of not having to open a new browser tab or run an application on purpose to perform an action that you can complete with two clicks and a small annotation.

In other words, this is not a typical extension for the web browser that is reduced to notifying you when a new message has arrived in the mail. According to its description, this extension allows you to «read, send and manage email and get new email notifications; create events, view upcoming events, and join online meetings; create, manage and track tasks; manage contacts ».

Looking for the three feet to the cat, it could be said that the only thing missing in the Microsoft Outlook extension for Microsoft Edge is OneNote, the powerful note manager in the cloud … But taking into account that the extension already exists -and It is available for Chrome too – and it is so complete that it would only add noise to this new one, there seems to be nothing to object. With this, in addition, it is no longer necessary to resort to third-party developments to add tasks to Microsoft To Do.

Because… yes, this Microsoft Outlook extension for Microsoft Edge is totally official, so don’t be shy about trying it. You can do this through the Microsoft Edge add-on store.

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