Microsoft Open Source is the new Redmond company site where the public can browse through everything the open source ecosystem they’ve been building in recent years.

The website not only shows Microsoft’s open source projects but also has sections to collaborate with the community, download tools, explore their code, and even find job opportunities.

The entire website is also open source and its code is on GitHub

Microsoft Open Source

The two most important parts of this new site are the “Get involved” and “Explore projects” sections. In the first you can review all the recent activity in Microsoft open source projects hosted on GitHub, and you also have a long list of resources to learn to collaborate with open source projects, and not necessarily just those maintained by Microsoft.

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The second important section is the list of projects, and there you will find the top open source projects maintained by Microsoft engineers and the community.

This includes tools like Accessibility Insights, .NET, the new Windows 10 PowerToys, the new Windows 10 Terminal, TypeScript, and Visual Studio Code.

But those are not the only ones, only the most important. The complete list is longer, and on this site you will also find new open source projects from company employees sponsored through the Microsoft FOSS Fund.

Microsoft Open Source itself is open source, that is, you can find the code on GitHub.

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