The technology company argued that the problems are based on “hate speech, racial issues and even pornography” that the social network allows on its platform.

Facebook takes a heavy hit with the announcement that Microsoft will stop placing ads on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network to join the group of companies that organize a commercial boycott of the social network.

The information published by Axios, indicated that since May the company founded by Bill Gates had canceled some publications and that the commercial closure With Facebook it will now be longer, until the social network reviews its hate speech policies.

“Due to concerns we had in May, we suspended all media spending on Facebook / Instagram in the US and we subsequently suspended all expenses on Facebook / Instagram worldwide“Chris Capossela, director of marketing at Microsoft, said in an internal statement.

The technology company argued that the problems are rooted in the “Hate speech, racial issues and even pornography” on the social network, to which Mark Zuckerberg himself said that his social network is not responsible for the content published by its users.

Zuckerberg received strong criticism for defending the platform’s neutral stance in the face of recent Trump posts related to the protests that have occurred following the death of George Floyd. In response, the executive said that the social network would review its internal policies, although it is possible that not all the expected changes will be made.

Capossela of Microsoft also indicated that, “the schedule to resume our spending on media depends on the positive actions they take, but I hope that the break will continue at least until August

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