Microsoft Introduces Xbox Wireless Headset!

Microsoft returned to the ring last November when it finally launched its new generation of consoles, the Xbox Series X and S. However, the surprises are not over and the desire to improve the gameplay experience is the order of the day with the Xbox Wireless Headset.

So is. The developer has just officially presented this new wireless accessory that will arrive in mid-March to take the hours of fun to another level and, once again, revolutionize the industry when it comes to high-end headphones.

Xbox Wireless Headset. Photo: YouTube Capture

Xbox Wireless Headset and its audio performance

If it is about accessories, headphones and items to make the gaming experience more realistic, undoubtedly at Microsoft they paint themselves. Now, with the new Xbox consoles at our fingertips, the issue had to continue to grow and so it will happen with the launch of these new Xbox Wireless Headset.

The company does not beat around the bush and, according to what they specified in the recent presentation of the accessory, the headphones are designed to offer better audio performance not only at the time of the game, but also when setting up the chat with other players. One of the improved features within this set will be that we can audio at a very high volume without having to go through the latency problem (loss or delay of sound).

Xbox Wireless Headset design. Photo: Microsoft Store

The Xbox Wireless Headset will also have compatibility with various leading audio systems on the market such as Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X, among others. This, according to Microsoft, will help the player detect the most subtle sounds when playing.


Headset functions

The new headset will also be equipped with a dual -or beamforming- function that will allow the user distinguish chat audio from that played in the video game detail. In other words, if you want to listen to the sound of the console on the right channel and the chat on the left (or vice versa), you can do it without problem. Both these adjustments and the volume modification you can control them via the rotary dials on the headphones.

As far as the microphone is concerned, it was designed with a focus on voice isolation, which promises that users will not have to worry about ambient sound being heard from, for example, their living room, bedroom or anywhere they hang out playing. This attachment will also have a feature that will automatically turn off (auto-mute) the microphone when not in use. Of course, you can activate or deactivate this feature manually.

Xbox Wireless Headset design. Photo: Microsoft Store

Use and compatibility

The Xbox Wireless Headset they will also allow the user to play on different platforms at the same time. That does not lead to indicate with which consoles it will be available. In this case, the headphones will have the option to connect to Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and Windows 10 computers…. But that is not all.

These gorgeous and stylish headphones can also be connected to all kinds of dmobile devices via Bluetooth. This will allow the user to simultaneously link to, for example, their cell phone to make calls and listen to music while the headset connects via Xbox Wireless to the console. A luxury 2 × 1.

Xbox Wireless Headset design. Photo: Microsoft Store

Regarding the use, with just 30 minutes of charging you will have enough battery power to play for four hours. On the other hand, by leaving the Xbox Headset Wireless charging for three hours (full charge), you can achieve up to 15 hours duration.

The headphones will go on the market in most countries from March 16 next, but in the Microsoft Store you can go and you can order from this Tuesday February 16. The price is around 99 dollars, which has today It would be almost $ 2000.00 Mexican pesos.

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