These are the facts that marketing, advertising and media specialists should master before starting on Tuesday: Microsoft is launching a digital marketing platform that will rival Google and Facebook; Speaking of Facebook, launched new tools for creators and brands that specialists should pay attention to; Lululemon acquired a startup that could take fitness training to a new level … and more.


The Redmond technology company wants to enter the digital advertising market with greater force and for this it is launching the Digital Marketing Center, a platform designed to help small and medium-sized companies to manage digital campaigns through various networks, all from the same center. of administration. According to a Marketing Land report, this tool is compatible with Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and is a project powered entirely by artificial intelligence, and could become an alternative or competition to campaigns in Google Smart .

Facebook and Instagram

The Menlo Park company launched new tools designed to help creators and brands create, promote, organize and monetize live virtual events. These are new features that will be available for both Facebook and Instagram. They also announced new options to stimulate access to fan subscriptions, which support creators through a monthly payment. As for the announcements, it presented a new format to place advertising next to videos of 60 to 180 seconds.


The Mountain View giant presented some changes for Google Photos, since the possibility is made official so that users can stop making backup copies of photos from social networks and messaging apps like WhatsApp. In addition, it was reported that this setting also considers the possibility to stop making backup copies of certain photos and videos by default. According to Google, this is in response to the fact that during this COVID-19 situation, traffic has increased considerably and they seek to save Internet resources.


The Cupertino company lost an important partner for its Apple News service. On Monday it was reported that The New York Times will cease to be part of the news service and news articles. According to the published information, the decision by the media is due to the fact that they consider that the service « does not align with the strategy of creating relationships with subscribers. »


Various reports and specialists point out that home entertainment has become essential in times of social distancing, a trend that will continue even as everyone joins the ‘new reality’. This they understand from Lululemon and therefore they seek to be a protagonist within their sector. In that regard, the sports firm said on Monday that it reached an agreement to buy Mirror, a startup that sells an immersive mirror through which customers can participate in fitness classes and personal training sessions. According to published information, the deal is valued at about $ 500 million.

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