Microsoft gives clues about Windows 11 with an 11-minute video

The expectation around the Windows event on June 24 is very high, and Microsoft knows this and wants to take advantage of it. In the last hours the Redmond corporation released a promotional video with “relaxation sounds”, intended for those who are very excited about the announcement that will be made in the coming weeks. The peculiar data? The clip lasts exactly 11 minutes. Not a second more, not a second less.

As expected, the publication has gained a great impact on the web. The specific duration seems to be one more clue that, indeed, Windows 11 will be Microsoft’s great launch in 2021. In return, it may be the ultimate trolling by the Redmond corporation to divert attention elsewhere and not to the actual announcement. But it does not appear to be the case.

The content of the video was cataloged by Microsoft as a “Slow-fi Remix” of the startup sounds of previous versions of its operating system. Basically, the firm took the audio samples from Windows 95, XP, and 7, and reduced its speed by 4000%.

Another aspect to highlight is that Microsoft’s “relaxing sounds” are accompanied by images that recall the historic wallpapers of each platform. The video ends with the well-known promotional graphic for the June 24 event, which features the Windows logo with a projection of light that appears to form an 11 in its shadow. What time does it start? 11:00 Eastern Time, of course.

Microsoft feeds the expectation of the possible launch of Windows 11

Microsoft Fluent Design for Windows 11

As we discussed in previous articles, the certainties about Microsoft’s announcement are not too many. Yes there are rumors and speculations of various caliber, which are in addition to some clues provided by the directors of the company. At the Build 2021 conference, CEO Satya Nadella spoke of the biggest Windows revamp in a decade, also referring to it as the “next generation” of the OS.

The transcended point to a revamped graphical interface, a new app store, and a focus on gaming and entertainment. If Microsoft really thinks about releasing Windows 11, it seems to be playing its cards right to keep up expectations about what the future of the platform will be.

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