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The development of Microsoft Flight Simulator continues on track and soon more players will be able to take a first look at it. The aviation simulator has undergone various Alpha tests, but the time is approaching for a Beta.

Players who want to try Microsoft Flight Simulator will not have to wait long, as the closed test of the game will take place soon, in a couple of weeks. After months of Alpha testing, there is finally a date for its closed Beta.

When will the Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta be?

Asobo Studio revealed that almost everything is ready for Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Beta. Likewise, the study revealed that everyone who participated in an Alpha will have direct access to the new test.

The closed beta of the simulator will start on July 30. For now there are no details of the schedule or the content that will be offered in the test. Asobo Studio promised that it will send invitations to new players to be part of the Closed Beta.

If you want to participate, you must meet the requirement to be part of the Xbox Insider Program. Only members of this program will have the opportunity to receive an invitation to the test.

Also, more invitations have already been sent for the new Alpha. Asobo Studio prepares countless improvements for the Closed Beta, you can see all the notes at this link.

We know that Closed Beta will offer a more polished experience thanks to all the feedback from the players. The goal is to improve the way all planes are controlled towards the final launch of the simulator.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is in development for Xbox One and PC. Its launch is scheduled for sometime this year. Here you will find more news about the title.