Microsoft Edge will prioritize HTTPS connections

A few weeks ago, we learned that with Microsoft Edge 92, Microsoft’s browser will begin to prioritize HTTPS connections, a security measure that all browsers are gradually adopting, and that although users who pay more attention to URLs can consider it a minor advance, but the truth is that there is still a large majority of users who do not know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS, and the reason why this change is so important.

If this is your case, if you do not finish being clear what is the difference, and why is this change so important in Microsoft EdgeIt is enough to know that HTTP is, by definition, an insecure protocol, since the data is transmitted without encryption, which allows third parties to intercept it, either to get hold of it (for example in payments with credit cards), or to manipulate them, causing what reaches the recipient is not the legitimate shipment.

HTTPS. The protocol that Microsoft Edge will begin to prioritize as of version 92, it is encrypted, so even if a malicious actor can access the data flow between the client and the server, the only thing you’ll get is gibberish with no meaning, since only with the decryption key (which is different from the encryption key) can the original communication be restored. This is a totally transparent process for the user, the browser and the server manage everything, the only responsibility of the user is to note that, to the left of the web address, a closed padlock is displayed.

That’s why Microsoft Edge’s adoption of HTTPS by default is great news, and today we know that users of the Canary and Developer versions of the Microsoft browser already have this feature, since they have already been able to start evaluating the news that we will find in Edge 92. And when will Edge 92 reach all users? There is no exact date yet, but according to the Redmond calendar, his arrival is scheduled for the week of July 22. However, it is possible that it is a bit ahead, as the test version was scheduled for next week.

Thus, just for this security measure, Microsoft Edge 92 will undoubtedly be a highly recommended update, and especially one of those that we must worry about being made by those relatives and friends with a lower level of technical knowledge, and whose computers we have to check every so often. And it is that this update, with the extra security it offers, can save us some calls and maybe even some other technical support visit.

With this novelty, Microsoft Edge joins Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It should be understood that the rest of the Chromium-based browsers will not take long to adopt this measure, and as for Apple Safari… well, we will have to wait and see when they surprise us.

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