Microsoft Edge has improved a lot since using the Chromium engine. Yes, for those who haven’t found out yet, Edge, the default browser for Windows, now uses Google’s web technology; It is as if Chrome is embedded in Edge. Therefore, many people are giving him a second chance. And in truth, has improved enough to generate a second opinion from the Microsoft web browser.

Thanks to this we can even install extensions developed for Google Chrome on Edge, although Google has warned that it is not entirely safe, not explaining why.

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In fact, and thanks to this new Microsoft Edge update, Winows browser has officially surpassed Mozilla Firefox in usage ratio, ranking second, only behind Google Chrome. It is the first time this has happened, since Microsoft launched Edge along with Windows 10 in 2015.

Microsoft Edge beats Mozilla Firefox in number of users

Specifically, during the month of March the NetMarketShare website – which generates statistics based on data from web users – has stated that Microsoft Edge has had a market share of 7.6%, while Mozilla Firefox would only have had 7.2%. Google Chrome, as usual, has taken much of the cake, and continues to dominate more than half of the market: 68.5% continue to use Google’s web browser.

But the Microsoft Edge update is not the only explanation for what has happened: Mozilla Firefox has been losing users for too long. Last year, also in March, the free web browser had a market share of 9.7%, and if we go back to March 2017 we will find that Firefox dominated 15.6% of the entire web market. Therefore, in three years it has lost more than half of the users. Microsoft, on the other hand, which had a residual percentage of around 3% in March 2017, has multiplied its number of users.

And the most curious thing could be that Internet Explorer 11 continues to have a significant market share: 5.6% of users continue to access the Internet through the classic web browser – however, even Microsoft does not recommend the use of Internet Explorer at this point, as it is not safe; In other words, if Firefox continued to drop further, probably even Internet Explorer would have more users, even when it has not received updates for years.

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And who is behind? While Safari, Aplpe’s navigation engine has 3.6% – remaining very stable throughout the year – Opera has dropped to 1.14%. As we see, the use of the Internet is very disproportionate, with Chrome taking over the entire market. Actually, anything other than Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox is negligible in terms of numbers.

Will we return little by little to the times when Microsoft dominated the web market? Will we see Microsoft Edge as the most used browser?

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