The new Microsoft Edge it is making its way in Windows 10 at top speed and despite the fact that it is possibly the best web browser that Redmond’s have ever launched, something that perhaps the US firm should trust to position it among users, the reality is different and Complaints about the intrusion of the application are already beginning to be felt in different Internet forums.

We echoed this last week: many users reported that Microsoft Edge imported your data from other browsers without any consent And without even executing it, because -this is another criticism of the aggressive distribution that they are proposing from Microsoft- this new update integrates it in the system startup configuration.

That is, once the new Microsoft Edge has been installed via Windows Update, it starts and imports data from other browsers. When observing this behavior and without the possibility of stopping it in the ordinary way, many users went to the task manager to kill the process, realizing that when they reopened the browser, the “imported” data was still present. But is it true or are these cases asylees?

It is true. Microsoft recognizes it and not only that: they seem to agree with the procedure of their browser and with no intention of correcting it.

Namely: when you install a new browser and run it for the first time, it is usually common to ask for the migration of data from other browsers that you have installed. It is not only a common process, but also practical due to the comfort it provides. But you have to accept before the data migration starts. This is the ordinary course of action.

Well, at Microsoft they don’t understand it that way. So what Microsoft Edge does is automatically import data from other browsers and if when you finish the process you decline the import, then delete them. “We believe that the browser data belongs to the client and they have the right to decide what to do with it. Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge offers people the opportunity to import data during setup, “they say from Microsoft.

And they clarify: «During the first execution experience, the client is presented with the opportunity to preserve or discard the imported data. These data are discarded if they decide not to continue with the import. If a client terminates the new Microsoft Edge browser prematurely during the first run experience (for example, using Task Manager), the residual data may not be completely removed. We recommend that customers do not close the configuration process prematurely to ensure an expected result. “

So now you know: in case you don’t want to use Microsoft Edge as the main web browser, let it finish stealing your data, which will return it to you as soon as it’s finished. Incredible but true.