Microsoft Edge 87 brings back the shopping feature

Microsoft Edge 87 It is the new stable version of Microsoft’s browser and if yesterday we echoed the launch of Chrome 87, you can already imagine by the numbering where everything comes from: Chromium 87, the basis of both and a few other web browsers popular on the market, with the few exceptions of Firefox and Safari.

Unlike the rest of Chromium derivatives, however, Microsoft Edge, like Chrome, is governed by the same version number, which does not mean that the news is the same for everyone. Thus, while some of the novelties in Chromium 87 regarding the navigation engine are common to all, they are not implemented at the same rate.

The novelties of Chromium 87, which according to Google bring “the greatest increase in performance in years”, will be implemented in the different derivatives as their managers have tested them and verified that they do not interfere with their own changes, but they will end up arriving -a Chrome have already done it- in all cases. In Microsoft Edge 87, some are incorporated.

Microsoft Edge 87

The truth, however, is that Microsoft Edge 87 is an update that receives mainly security patches, retrieves one of the functions of the old Microsoft Edge and the rest, the bulk are restricted for the moment to business environments. But there is a little for everyone.

The most striking novelty of Microsoft Edge 87 is the return of the shopping function, the one that sent alerts for coupons and offers while the user navigates through shopping sites. Well, here it is again for anyone who is interested and who does not, to deactivate it from the browser preferences, since it is activated by default.

Other new features of Microsoft Edge 87 available to all users include keyboard support in the highlighting function of the PDF document viewer and sheet rotation in print view when printing on both sides. And a little more.

In business environments you will be able to enjoy many more changes, the most prominent of which is the automatic launch of the browser when Internet Explorer is being used on incompatible sites. A change that will eventually reach all users about which you can expand the information at this link.

In short, the development of Microsoft Edge is going from strength to strength, despite the fact that this version does not bring great news