The renewed browser Microsoft Edge You have received a new update loaded with news. Following the line of the Chromium project, version 82 has been skipped due to COVID-19 and the one we have received is version 83.0.478.37.

The main novelties are the arrival of the synchronization of extensions, security improvements in the SmartScreen service, new functions to manage the collections and more changes that you will find gathered here.

Microsoft What’s New in Edge 83

Let’s go to what interests us. The new version of Edge includes one of the most anticipated features, extension synchronization between devices. Now, wherever you are, if you have Edge, you will have the extensions synchronized with your account, unless you disable it. Extension synchronization works both for downloads from the Chrome Web Store and from the Microsoft Store.

Synchronization of Microsoft Edge 83 extensions

Another subtle, but quite important and demanded change, has to do with cookie management. Edge 83 allows exclude which cookies we do not want to delete when the browser is closed. A very useful option for pages that we frequent and that we do not want that it does not remember anything that we have configured (such as the language) every time we enter. To use this functionality, go to edge: // settings / clearBrowsingDataOnClose and enable the option where it says “Cookies and other site data”.

Collections is the other feature that gets quite a few improvements. Now allows us drag and drop a page towards a collection and also the actions have been simplified when we want to add several web pages to the collections. Online from the last mentioned, you can add multiple elements to the same collection in a single action and, in addition, you can incorporate all the tabs of the same window within a collection with a single click.

As a last great novelty, we have the option of automatic profile change. If you use multiple profiles at work, you can verify this by navigating to a site that requires authentication of your work or school account while you are on your personal profile. When the browser detects it, you will receive a notice to switch to your work profile to access that site without having to authenticate to it. This is undoubtedly a very interesting feature for people with multiple profiles in their browser.

Security improvements and more changes in Edge 83

Microsoft does not neglect security in your browser and in this new version it remains clear.

On the one hand, the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen service will protect us better against malicious pages trying to constantly reload or try to block the upper frames of the browser. It will also be able to block the reproduction of audio and other media clearly indicated by a warning from SmartScreen.

On the other hand, in download management, an improvement has been made in the message that was displayed when downloads marked as unsafe were blocked. In this way, you will now have a clearer idea of ​​what has happened and why the file has not been downloaded.

Outside of security, starting with Microsoft Edge 83, lThe updates will be released like in Windows 10, that is, gradually. In this way, if the browser has a serious error or a problem that has not been detected, they will prevent this from affecting all users.

Other improvements in Edge 83

Immersive reader improvements: Added support for Adverbs in the experience of the parts of speech that we have in Immersive Reader. While reading an article within the immersive reader, open the grammar tools and activate the adverbs within parts of the speech to highlight all the adverbs on the page. Added the ability to select any content on a web page and open it in Immersive Reader. This capability enables users to use the immersive reader and all learning tools, such as Line Focus and Read Aloud, on all websites. Link doctor provides host fix and search query to users when they misspelled a URL. For example: A user types “powerbi as” powerbbi “.com. Link doctor will suggest “powerbi” .com as a fix and create a link to search for “powerbbi” in case the user is looking for something different. Allow users to save their decision to launch an external protocol for a specific site. Users can configure the ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox policy to enable or disable this feature.Users can configure Microsoft Edge as their default browser directly from Microsoft Edge Settings. This makes it easier for users to change their default browser, within the context of the browser, rather than having to search through the operating system settings. To use this feature, go to edge: // settings / defaultBrowser and click “Set as Default.” Various DevTools updates, including new remote debugging support, UI improvements, and more. For more details, see What’s New in DevTools (Microsoft Edge 83). Various DevTools updates, including new remote debugging support, user interface enhancements, and more. For more details, see What’s New in DevTools (Microsoft Edge 83). The Microsoft Cloud Access Security (MCAS) warning scenario is now available. This allows administrators to configure warn, a new category of MCAS blocks, where the user can override an MCAS block page. MDATP E5 blocks are natively integrated with SmartScreen blocks in Microsoft Edge for a seamless experience. This experience allows a full page red block with the message “This website is blocked by your organization”, instead of just a toast notification. Do not allow synchronous XmlHttpRequest on page discard. Synchronous XmlHttpRequests sending will be removed during a web page download. This change improves browser performance and reliability, but can affect web applications that have not yet been updated to use more modern web APIs, such as sendBeacon and fetch. Group Policy to disable this change and allow synchronous XHR during page close will be available until Microsoft Edge 88. For more information, see Changes affecting site compatibility that come to Microsoft Edge.

You can check the full details of the update and policy updates on the Microsoft Edge release notes for Stable Channel page.