Hackers linked to Russia, China and Iran are conducting espionage between the Democratic and Republican campaigns, according to Microsoft

Hackers with ties to Russia, China and Iran are trying to spy on individuals and groups involved in the November presidential elections in the United States, Microsoft warned Thursday.

Both the campaigns of President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are under attack, based on activity the company has monitored. Most have not been successful.

« Foreign operation groups have intensified their efforts towards the 2020 elections as anticipated and is consistent with what the US government and others have reported, » said Tom Burt, one of the chiefs of the security area of Microsoft.

The firm said in a statement that the Russian group that hacked the Democratic Party campaign in 2016 is once again involved in cyber attacks.

« Similar to what we observed in 2016, Strontium is launching campaigns to collect people’s login credentials or compromise their accounts, presumably to aid in intelligence gathering or disruptive operations, » said Burt.

Russian hackers from the Strontium group have targeted more than 200 organizations, many of which are linked to major US political parties, both Republican and Democratic, Microsoft said in a statement.

.Microsoft claims that most cyber attacks have been thwarted.

The firm said that Chinese Zirconium hackers had launched attacks on people related to the Biden campaign, while the Phosphorus Iranians continued their efforts targeting people associated with President Donald Trump’s campaign.

« What we’ve seen is consistent with past attack patterns that target not just candidates and campaign staff, but also those they consult on key issues, » Burt said.

This report comes a day after it was made public that a whistleblower from the United States Department of Homeland Security claimed that he was pressured to minimize the threat of Russian interference in the elections, since it « made the president look bad. »

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