Microsoft denies the exclusivity of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

Earlier this week there was something of a shock in the gaming community. The news that, supposedly, Xbox Series X | S consoles would have exclusivity on Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for at least two years generated a great impact. However, the uncertainty was not caused only by the novelty itself, but also by the rapid removal of the original article on the official Xbox blog in France.

After a few twists and turns, Microsoft finally acknowledged that there was an error and denied exclusivity on the use of both technologies. The clarification was made through a spokesperson who spoke with The Verge.

In the report published by said US medium, the Redmond corporation simply referred to “inaccurate information.” What is not entirely clear is what was the reason for the mistake within the Xbox team itself. A supposed advertisement that has turned into a marketing nightmare for Microsoft.

Microsoft, Dolby exclusivity on Xbox and an awkward retraction

Xbox Series X / S Dolby Vision

“The Xbox Series X | S have supported Dolby Atmos since its launch and Dolby Vision will arrive on both consoles during 2021. Both technologies will remain exclusive of the Xbox ecosystem for two years “, assured the French publication, unleashing countless reports around the world.

“A local Xbox team mistakenly published an article that included inaccurate information about the exclusivity of Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision on Xbox Series X | S. There is no exclusive agreement for any of the technologies on Xbox“says part of the retraction to which The Verge agreed.

The report also asserts that Microsoft’s statement leaves the door open to see soon both audio and video options on rival consoles. Among so many rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro, it is said that it could offer some kind of support for Dolby technologies. Meanwhile, the compatibility of PlayStation 5 with Dolby Atmos is only for the playback of videos on Blu-ray.

The failed Xbox announcement has caused a lot of confusion and most likely triggered a major internal slap on the wrist. While this occurs, the Redmond firm must continue to work to incorporate the characteristics of Dolby in the gameplay of desktop consoles.

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