Without directly naming the company name, Microsoft Corporation President Brad Smith said that it’s time for antitrust agencies in the United States and Europe to review the conditions of the App Store.

“If you look at the industry today, I think what you will find is that more and more you are seeing app stores that have created higher walls and much bigger doors to access other apps than anything else that existed in the industry 20 years ago, “says the Redmond official in an interview with Politico this week.

The president of the Microsoft Corporation did not name Apple directly, although a Microsoft spokesman later confirmed that he was referring to those in Cupertino.

Smith who He also highlighted the requirements that are imposed, as well as the “very high price” of entrance tolls, “in some cases 30 percent of all your income”, did not name Apple or its app store in these statements, though a Microsoft spokesman later confirmed to Bloomberg that he was referring to the Cupertino ones.

They think “the time has come” to review app stores

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The President of Microsoft Corporation He made these statements shortly after the European Commission announced the initiation of an antitrust investigation against Apple, by the App Store and Apple Pay, with the aim of finding out if the rules and practices of these services violate Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty of Functioning of the European Union.

“The time has come, whether we are talking about D.C. or Brussels”

Eight open cases that the European Commission and Vestager have against technology companies for abusive practices

“The time has come, whether we talk about D.C. [refiriĆ©ndose a Washington] or from Brussels, of having a much more focused conversation about the nature of the app stores, the rules that are being set, the prices and tolls that are being drawn and whether there really is a justification in the antitrust law for everything that has been created, “Smith said.

This speech is fully in line with the approach that Redmond’s people usually project regarding the treatment of developers. In fact, just over a year ago, Microsoft began paying 95% of app revenue to developers who upload it to their store. A way to attract applications to a store that does not stand out for its use or its variety, much less when they maintained a toll strategy similar to that of Apple.


Microsoft believes that the time has come to review the conditions of the Apple App Store