In 18 days 191 thousand 981 credits to micro companies, are $ 4.6 billion. It means 10 thousand 665 daily credits, injection of $ 11 million per hour: IMSS

Loans to companies that maintained workforce

Regeneration, May 22, 2020. In the framework of the AMLO morning press conference, Zoé Robledo, head of the IMSS, pointed out the results of the Solidarity Credit to the Word for employers insured in Social Security.

– «…, did not exist before »Zoé recalled.

As you will remember, these are support for companies that did not make layoffs from January to March.

They are 25 thousand pesos to the word, without intermediaries, without endorsement, without guarantees, payable for three years from the fourth month after three months of grace, he detailed.

This credit started, as the president says, from the Mexican welfare model that has the three principles: efficiency, honesty and justice.


In the area of ​​efficiency, a number to appreciate the effort, explained the head of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo:

– «It was 18 days of registration, validation and dispersion. The total sum was 191 thousand 981 people who applied for and have received the credit, this is equivalent to four thousand 600 million pesos … »

“…, in other measurements, in other ways of looking at it, it is 10,665 credits per day that were dispersed, 444 credits per hour, an injection of 11 million pesos per hour” to the companies: IMSS.

The second criterion, that it was fair, is that it reached the smallest entrepreneurs, but they have the greatest burden.

Thus «employers between one and 10 workers represented 94.2 percent of the benefited companies, that is, miscellaneous, hardware stores, stationeries, shops, tire shops ».

Municipal dispersion

The other issue of justice is that it reach everywhere In this sense, the dispersion was carried out in hundreds, in 1,582 municipalities throughout the country.

And another principle of justice

Credits have been awarded to those who need it most “For essential companies most of the credits”.

He clarified that 110 thousand loans were for non-essential companies, that is, those that had to close due to the pandemic.

And the last element and the most important is honesty.

– “It was fast, because there were no intermediaries and because the people who requested it and who could receive it have received it”, delimited.

That is for entrepreneurs. “As I was saying, this is an emerging program that started on that date and ended on May 15,” he reminded the press.

In relation to domestic workers

He also reported lCredits for domestic workers and workers independent.

It is a universe of 46 thousand 50 people who may be beneficiaries, he said, “we have 3,223 loans already identified and dispersed, 7%.”

Here is a issue that we have to solve so that everyone can give the details of a bank account and if they don’t have it, help them to process it.

Migrants in their own country

He recalled that these workers are supportive by supporting their families who remain in the villages and called for solidarity so that those who use these services register them with the IMSS.

– «Many domestic workers are migrants within their own country …»

“… they leave their places of origin, from their towns, to work many times in the cities.”

«…» and this also has a principle of solidarity, because many times the income they receive is dispersed by themselves or by their relatives who live far away »

Finally Zoé Robledo thanked the commission, a year ago and «tell him that the mission to rescue that great institution and make it fairer, more social and more supportive is underway.

“Thank you, President,” he added.

Notimex case, respectful debate and agreement between the parties: AMLO

President highlights intelligence of journalists to resolve controversies in corresponding instances. Respectful discussion, without screaming or hatching

Open debit, resolution before instances

Regeneration, May 22, 2020. AMLO stressed that it will be the journalists themselves who resolve their controversies in the case of Notimex. He welcomed the debate and noted that it must be respectful by all parties.

And is that the president answered questions from a journalist about what was happening in Notimex.

The journalist accused of disrespect for the Notimex strike and ieven contempt.

In that sense AMLO He recalled that he is a supporter of freedom of expression, that is, a Democrat.

– «I am respectful of freedom, I am respectful of freedom, I am in favor of everyone manifesting, expressing themselves with absolute freedom “, delimited.

Well-being with freedom

Summarizing his global position on democracy, he pointed out his rejection of well-being with a dictatorship:

“I believe in development with freedom, that’s why I’m also a Democrat, for freedom, I believe in the well-being of people with freedom”.

“Just as I don’t want there to be well-being with dictatorships, so I don’t want there to be well-being without freedom”: AMLO.

Smart journalists

That Notimex issue has to be resolved there, he said.

– “Also, journalists, women and men who are intelligent, imaginative, talented, how can they not solve the problem? Why am I going to get involved?” answered.

Questioned about different indications, he stressed that the corresponding instances should be used.

He stressed that his obligation as president is to listen to all parties and, «nor be alarmed if there is controversy, the only thing that does not count is the insult ».

An agreement must be reached

– “I believe everyone and I believe the director of Notimex too,” said AMLO.

“Don’t tell me,” the reporter pointed out, and the president replied: “Look,” later he added: “To Sanjuana and Carmen Aristegui, and I believe everyone.”

It was when he indicated that an agreement has to be reached “maybe it will take time, but everything is arranged.”

What he did emphasize is that «nothing by force, neither to shouts nor to hats, much less to insults, with insults. Serenity”.

«And let everyone calm down and an agreement is reached, just that there are no attacks, that there is respect, that there is debate, that yes ».

He stated: “Only in dictatorships there is no debate, there is no controversy, there you have to keep quiet, you protest with clenched teeth; in democracy there is debate ».

The untouchable

He gave as an example the presidential figure himself, formerly known as “the untouchable”.

Before, for example, it was said: “You can’t touch the untouchable.” – «That has already passed into history» -.

He said that now they criticize the president, the president from time to time also questions or exercises his right of reply, but it is not so that there is anger.

– «(…), no hate, no hate, put that aside»he pointed out.

What happened before?

He recalled in the past they sat a person on the bench of the accused and flooded him, and the person could not defend himself.

Before there were political lynching campaigns, of discredit, dirty war, they destroyed adversaries in that way, “he said.

Now it’s not like that, now the one sitting there on the bench, first, «because he does not sit down, he stops and defends himself, and he manifests himself and argues, and some defend him and others do not«.

At that time he again stressed respect: «And all that is normal in a democracy, the only thing that should not be allowed are the baseness, the rudeness, the insults, the offending like that, in a vulgar way ».

Finally: “In general, everyone should behave well,” he said.

Local governments do not attend ‘zero corruption’ telegram: AMLO

‘Be careful, you are not going to end up in the boat,’ the message, but “local authorities are not listening”. Measurements show confidence due to low corruption

Trust because there is no corruption

Regeneration, May 22, 2020. AMLO insisted on the fight against corruption and stressed that there is still extortion and corruption at local levels, these are authorities that still do not understand, he stressed.

“We clean from top to bottom, as they sweep the stairs and there is still extortion,” he said.

At that time, he illustrated with the telegraphic image:

“And local governments that still do not understand that this has already changed, even though I send them telegrams advising them:

«…,‘ Situation changed, zero corruption, zero impunity. Be careful, you are not going to end up in the boat, ’I send them the telegrams, but sometimes they don’t listen”: AMLO.

Data questioning

In the framework of the Mañanera conference, the press questioned about the recent survey of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), which indicates growth in victims of corruption in basic services by 7.5%

– “(….), each one interprets the data as they understand it and the Reformation says something else ”.

In this sense, he stressed that rather the Inegi “Reports that people have more confidence in the current government because corruption is not allowed”.

– “The Inegi gives you more confidence, rather the Inegi survey reports that the people have more confidence in the current government.”

“(…) and he has more confidence in him because there is no more corruption.”

He also stressed that in general all measurements speak of a decrease in corruption in Mexico.

“The truth is that in all the measurements that are made, including those made by Transparency International, the perception that corruption is decreasing in Mexico is a reality“, said.

Direct support to 70% of Mexicans with 4 million loans

Base of the social pyramid is supported to boost the general economy and there, the other 30% benefit – middle and high classes. No corruption benefits for all

New humanistic economic policy

Regeneration, May 22, 2020. AMLO pointed out that corruption in Mexico is what unleashed corruption and violence. With an economic model with a social and humanistic dimension.

The goal is 4 million credits of which have been allocated and 44 thousand 721 million, that is to say 10% of the objective, during the months of April and May.

The credits that we deliver are to the word, without intermediation, because the greatest wealth of the people of Mexico is their honesty, stressed President AMLO

This is when announcing his report on the different loans that are granted directly to support Mexicans, revive the economy and create jobs.

– «(…) is something unique for the welfare of the people-, stated AMLO.

The social pyramid

He defended his economic policy other than neoliberalism and He stressed that it is an economy with humanism and with a social sense.

The idea is that the base of the social pyramid is reactivated economically through support for 70% of Mexicans.

As he has said on other occasions se is that families have at least one support from the new administration.

When the economy of 7 was reactivated0% middle and upper classes receive benefits economic.

– «This is the government of all» – stressed

Credits to the word

“We are breaking the mold”– that is, the idea that was imposed for the sake of convenience that it was necessary to orient the people, because the people did not know »how to exercise credits.

The president stressed that “every citizen is very aware, that he has a lot of knowledge and that he graduated from the university of life and that he can”.

He dismissed the intermediaries because they are 307 billion pesos, which are a temptation, he risks that the supports do not arrive or “arrive with a moche.”

They are credits to the word because you believe in people.

Most could not have credits in commercial banking and the requirements are many, including collateral.

This is credits «to the word because we are an honest and responsible people ».