Michoacán registers 42,574 infections and 4,329 deaths since the start of the pandemic


Narrative | Sunday, February 21, 2021

Actually in Michoacan there is a total of 42,574 people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic from the first positive, according to the latest official data corresponding to the February 21st.

In total there are 4,329 deaths in the region as a consequence of the new coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic and in the last day no new deaths have been certified in the territory.

Mexico does not add any new case of coronavirus infection in the last day

The new coronavirus leaves now 2,038,276 cases contagion in Mexico, with 267,783 of them currently assets Y 179,797 deaths, according to the latest data for the February 21st. In addition, a total of 1,590,696 people have already recovered since the first contagion in the country.

Most affected places in the country

The regions of Mexico that are being most affected by the advance of the coronavirus are:

Mexico City, with 538,974 contagions and 26,167 deceased, the region with the most affected at this time. Mexico state, with 211,447 contagions and 27,724 Dead people. Guanajuato, with 116,774 contagions and 8,737 dead.

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