Michigan father denounces his daughter’s teacher in networks for cutting her hair without her permission

A father, originally from Michigan, exploded on social networks against his daughter’s school, after the girl’s teacher committed an act that emotionally damaged the girl, and without asking permission from him or the girl’s mother.

The incident occurred in March but it was until now that Jimmy Hoffmeyer decided to make it public due to a lack of response from the school.

Jimmy’s daughter is 7 years old, her name is Jurnee and she is biracial. Before going on vacation, the little girl suffered 3 serious incidents in the same week. First, one of his classmates cut his hair, So they had to take her to the aesthetic for a stylist to fix what happened, which caused the little girl to have to say goodbye to much of her curly golden hair.

But the worst thing was that on the last day of school, Jurnee returned home without much of her hair because her teacher decided to cut it, without consulting anyone.

“Because of our hair type, you can’t just wet it and cut it … After the teacher cut her hair, she (Jurnee) felt so embarrassed that she had to go back to class like this,” said the father.

When this father called the school to try to find an explanation for what happened, no one said anything to him and they did not even ask for an apology for what happened. The father demanded to see the videos, both of the moment in which the boy cut his daughter’s hair and that done by the teacher, but the school has refused to show them.

The case has already reached the ears of the superintendent of the Mount Pleasant Public Schools, who has also not come out to make his position known regarding this unfortunate event.

For now, little Jurnee has already enrolled in another school but her father will attend a school board meeting next Monday night in the hope of getting answers about what happened with his daughter and above all, he will try to help other children don’t pass on about your daughter.

After this story went viral, different people have expressed their opinions on the subject and some point out that it could be a racist act.

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