Michelle Salas surprised by publishing a tender photograph with Frida Sofía

After what Frida sofia will reveal that his grandfather, Enrique Guzman, touched her improperly when she was only 5 years old, Michelle Salas he had stayed out of the controversy.

However, this weekend it was the same Michelle who caused great expectation by sharing a tender photo with Frida in which both are seen as children, making it clear that since childhood they lived together and that reflects that in his heart there is no resentment towards the daughter of Alexandra who has attacked her on various occasions.

It is worth mentioning that the publication was made thanks to a dynamic on Instagram where Salas’s followers asked him to show an image in which he appeared with Frida and, without hesitation, the daughter of Stephanie Salas Y Luis Miguel, decided to comply with the request.

Within the same activity that she continued with her followers, Michelle also revealed several photographs in which she appears with her mother and her great-grandmother, Silvia Pinal, reaffirming the excellent relationship they maintain.

Frida Sofía had expressed in her recent interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante what to her She always disliked being compared to Michelle and had made it clear that she was not interested in fixing things with her, but perhaps the act of Salas is calling her to reconcile.

The controversy surrounding the Guzmán Pinal family seems to have no end, to the extent that the dispute is about to reach the courts after it became known that Enrique has already filed a lawsuit against Frida, in order to start an investigation to gather evidence that leads to the clarification of the facts.