Michelle Salas shares her secret to growing hair and calls it ‘beauty juice’ | Instagram

Michelle Salas shares her secret to growing hair and calls it ‘juice of beauty’. The popular influencer has shared different videos through her social networks, with beauty tips, fashion and food, so now he shows his followers his home remedy so that your hair grows.

It is not a surprise that the pretty daughter of Luis Miguel, has gained popularity in social networks since he has a great style that he has wanted to take advantage of, so his advice is taken very seriously by his more than a million followers who are very happy to have beauty and style tips.

This time Michelle Salas shared her magic formula to grow hair which basically consists of rice water and which she calls ‘beauty water’, Why ?, due to the large number of benefits that this ingredient has for both hair growth and skin care.

Michelle Salas Sample commented that he has been using rice water in his hair for almost two months and with excellent results and to prepare it you only need a cup of white rice, preferably organic and a little water. The first thing you have to do is soak the rice and throw away the water with which you rinsed it.

Then, once the rice is clean, you should add 1 ½ cups of water and let it sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour, then strain the rice and store the water in a container with a lid, leaving it ferment for 24 hours, put it in a spray bottle and apply it to your hair and let it sit for an hour, then you can wash it naturally.

You can store the water in the refrigerator to keep it longer as well, Michelle Salas He said that to get results you must be consistent and apply this Home remedy at least one day yes and one day no so that the results are visible.

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