“Michelle Salas knew!” Does Macarena Achaga deny it?

“Michelle Salas knew!” Does Macarena Achaga deny it? | Instagram

After the strong controversy that has been unleashed by the statements of the daughter of Luis Miguel, Michelle Salas and her warning of possible lawsuit against producers and those involved in the series, the actress who plays the model in fiction, Macarena Achaga, reveals that they both spoke before filming began.

It is the Argentine actress who embodies Michelle Salas who now speaks after the arguments of the daughter of Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas, who in recent days has been offended by the way she would be portrayed in the last chapters of the plot.

According to what Achaga would reveal, the 29-year-old interpreter acknowledged that “Michelle Salas did know that her story with Alejandro Asensi would be portrayed in history”, although she stated, “she did not participate in the creative process of this production;”Luis Miguel: The series“.

In my process of creating the character I spoke with Michelle, but this creation of the character is mine and of the directors, she said in an interview, in which she has insisted that she hopes to do her justice by showing her maturing process.

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Throughout the talk for “Ventaneando”, Macarena shared the challenge of playing Sylvia Pasquel’s granddaughter in the fiction that portrays the life of her famous father, the “Sol de México”.

I had a very clear vision of how Michelle had to be, the one from fiction and for me she is a woman who will just learn to be strong, to be a pillar, to be independent.

It was in the last days that the first-born of the “Puerto Rican” spoke out against history for expressing her story with the former manager of the “La Inconditional” interpreter, which she also pointed out, made her feel “sexually explicitly” since also “distorted” reality in the pursuit of drama.

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In particular, the last episodes of the second season of the Netflix series would show a very intimate moment between Macarena Achaga (Michelle Salas) and Mauricio Ambrosi (Alejandro Asensi) played by the Spanish actor Fernando Güallar.

The descendant of the Pinal clan, said, that it seemed unfair that her life and history were used without her authorization, which at the same time led to her progenitor, the singer, Stephanie Salas coming out in her defense and in that of many of the other women that fiction has exposed.

Through some Instagram stories, the design student raised her voice, as she pointed out, on few occasions she does it to show her opinion against her name or image being used in this way since “she never gave authorization to appear in said project.

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The “influencer” shared on her Instagram account that “her image, name and personal life” were used without her consent.

They never asked me if I agreed with my life becoming a television series or one of the characters on which the last chapter of this plot is based.

The daughter of the outstanding figure of the show, pointed out that although she was pleased that the public could learn more about the artist, it always seemed to her that in the series there was a profound lack of respect for women and particularly her: Her daughter

Truly unnecessary, disrespectful, and unfortunate, the way Luis Miguel’s production La Serie treats a woman, Silvia Pinal’s great-granddaughter pointed out.

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After this, the actress and singer herself, launched a publication in which she gave her full support to her first-born, “Enough is enough,” she said.

“Today, as a mother of a family, I deeply support the sincere and painful words that have come from my daughter’s heart, in defense of her person. I find the way in which they have portrayed the woman is reprehensible, unnecessary and in bad taste. image of my daughter Michelle the creative and involved of the second season of the series of Mr. Gallego, father of my daughter “

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