Michelle Jenner reveals her relationship to one of the most important scientists in history

The actress Michelle Jenner He told this Saturday in an interview on laSexta Noche how he is living on a personal and professional level the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic, and has also revealed a curiosity: it is descendant of a prominent scientist.

On this matter, the presenter Hilario Pino asked the actress: “I have read somewhere that you are a descendant of Edward Jenner, the father of immunology. That’s true?”.

Michelle Jenner has affirmatively confirmed this information. “Yes, invented the smallpox vaccine“, added the interpreter.

This English scientist who lived between the 18th and 19th centuries was decisive in the field of immunology, since his vaccine discovery To combat smallpox, it laid the foundations for current mass vaccination campaigns.

Without the success of this vaccine, the famous Balmis expedition, in reference to the Spanish doctor Francisco Javier Balmis, who along with other health workers such as the nurse Isabel zendal They went around the world in a philanthropic expedition to deliver the smallpox vaccine to all the territories that then belonged to the Spanish Crown.

On the other hand, Michelle Jenner has also told how it has been to shoot the series La Cocinera de Castamar, about to premiere on Antena 3, under pandemic conditions. The actress has acknowledged that the team has had to “mold”, but has considered “a luxury” to continue working. “We have had to do a lot of PCR, mask all the time, taking our temperature …”, Jenner has enumerated.

In addition, she recalled how “strange” it was for her to shoot again for the first time after confinement. “At first you didn’t really know where the limits were, it was all very weird“, has assured.

Jenner has admitted that, in her case, it was difficult for her to adapt to the new situation: “I am a very loving person, I really like to hug and touch, and not being able to do it cost me a bit“, has said.